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No More Rising Damp

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Rising Damp Solutions

Fix rising damp yourself with Tech-Dry's range of innovative products that provide a permanent damp-proof course.

Injected into either the mortar bed or bricks, Tech-Dry's No More Rising Damp products are backed by a 20 year product guarantee and are formulated specifically for Australian conditions. With over 30,000 installations Australia wide, Tech-Dry has been Australia's number one supplier of damp-course systems for the past 30 years.

No More Rising Damp products are used by builders, professional damp-proofing companies and DIY home-owners alike.

Our Technicians are available to help with any advice or technical support needed. Couriers leave twice a day to deliver straight to your building site, office or home.

Penetrating Sealers

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Protection against staining

Tech-Dry's range of penetrating sealers provide a long-lasting, durable seal to masonry surfaces such as pavers, bricks, natural stones, tiles, concrete and grout.

Penetrating deep into the substrate, Tech-Dry sealers protect against staining and repel oil & water while still allowing the substrate to breathe.

Tech-Dry sealers will not significantly change the appearance of the surface and provide protection from weathering, staining, deterioration, mould and mildew growth.

Water repellent Admixtures

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Admixtures to repel moisture

Moisture penetration is the main cause of damage to masonry building materials. Tech-Dry provides a range of advanced silicone admixtures that greatly improve water repellency for:

  • sand/cement renders & mortars
  • ready-mix concrete
  • pre-cast concrete
  • the manufacture of dry-mix & pressed concrete masonry

Tech-Dry's range of admixtures provide water repellency while still allowing the building material to breathe.

No more Graffiti

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Graffiti removal

Remove unsightly graffiti and protect against further attacks with Tech-Dry's No More Graffiti products.

No More Grafitti Bio Gel Graffiti Remover is an easy to use, biodegradable, low-toxic gel for removing graffiti from most surfaces (including timber) without damaging the surface.

No More Grafitti Sacrificial Coating can be applied to masonry surfaces and steel/colorbond fences. When targeted by graffiti vandals, simply apply hot water and the sacrifical coating will dissolve taking the paint with it.

Earth building Protection

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Earth Building Products

Tech-Dry provides Australia's leading earth building protection products for the construction, maintenance and remedial repair of earth buildings. Our goal is to preserve the natural integrity and promote longevity of earth buildings.

Tech-Dry has researched and developed earth protection products for over 20 years. Our products provide superior water repellency and protection against weathering. The range includes:

  • Penetrating sealers
  • Dust binders
  • Emulsions
  • Water repellent admixtures for rammed earth and mud brick renders

Well established here in Australia and overseas, Tech-Dry earth building protection products are suitable for all earth construction types including:

  • Mud Brick
  • Straw Bale
  • Stabilised Earth
  • Rammed Earth
  • Earth Renders