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Techdryad Super

TechDryAd Super is an environmentally friendly silicone water repellent admixture for concrete masonry with enhanced water repellent performance.

TechDryAd Super is designed to be used in concrete such as ready-mix, pre-cast or other concrete masonry. When this admixture is incorporated into concrete, the permeability to water is reduced as well as the damage caused by weathering-related water uptake and efflorescence.

Some of the features of TechDryAd Super include:

  • Suitable for a variety of concrete products
  • Reduces water absorption and efflorescence by over 80%
  • Improves concrete workability and external finish
  • Permanently bonds to the substrate and cannot be washed out
  • Easy to use in any existing processes
  • The degree of water resistance can be varied by changing the rate of addition
  • Contains no VOC with no hazardous material emitted during use

Available in both 20 Litre & 200 Litre sizes.

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Techdryad Super 20 Litre

Techdryad Super 20 Litre