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How to Remove Graffiti

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent potential graffiti vandalism?

Graffiti vandals love the recognition of their work. If you remove the graffiti as soon as possible it prevents recognition and may cause the vandal to move elsewhere.

How do I remove graffiti?

By using the Tech-Dry Bio Gel Graffiti Remover. Visit the product page for more information.

How long should I wait before I remove graffiti?

The sooner you remove graffiti the better. If kept too long, the graffiti will harden to the substrate requiring the need for multiple removal applications.

Is there an environmentally friendly solution to removing graffiti?

Yes. Bio Gel Graffiti Remover is a unique blend of biodegradable, low odour, low toxic and water soluble materials. The gel enables the graffiti removal to be simply wiped from the surface. All materials and equipment can be rinsed out in water.

Why should I use an anti-graffiti coating?

The anti-graffiti coating No More Graffiti Sacrificial Coating will help to protect your brick or masonry surface from the effects of graffiti. It does this by creating a clear barrier between the two. The graffiti can then be removed easily by hot water. Reapplication of No More Graffiti Sacrificial Coating is then required. 

As soon as I remove the graffiti from my fence, it appears again the next day, how can I stop this from damaging the surface?

By applying the anti-graffiti coating No More Graffiti Sacrificial Coating, it will create a clear barrier between the fence and the graffiti so no harm is done to the surface.

How long will the No More Graffiti last on my wall?

If unmarked, No More Graffiti Sacrificial Coating can last up to 10 years. However, No More Graffiti is a sacrificial coating so if graffiti needs to be removed from an affected surface area, the coating will be stripped along with the graffiti. No More Graffiti Sacrificial Coating can then be easily reapplied to the specific section.

Are the Tech-Dry graffiti solutions easy and safe to use?

The Tech-Dry anti-graffiti products are safe and easy to use. Both products are environmentally friendly and require only water to remove/clean up.

Can the Tech-Dry graffiti products be used on any surface?

Biodegradable Graffiti remover can be used on most surfaces but it is recommended you perform a small test patch before proceeding to use. No More Graffiti Sacrificial Coating is best suited for use on bare brick and masonry substrates. For use on other substrates you should seek advice from Tech-Dry.