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Making Water Repellent Earth Render

Making a water-repellent earth render is a lot easier thanks to Tech-Dry's admixtures & sealers for earth renders.

To create a long lasting water-repellent earth render, we recommend a system using the following ingredients:

The Earth Bonding Emulsion and Earth Aid are used as admixtures in the earth render mix to provide binding, adhesion and water resistance.

Mud Brick Water Repellent (or Stabilised Earth Water Repellent) is used as the final protective finish after the wall is rendered to provide a durable exterior water repellent finish.

Typically, the render mix should be prepared according to the following formula (by volume):

  • 10 parts dry earth render mix
  • 2 parts Earth Bonding Emulsion
  • 0.4 parts Earth Aid
  • Water to consistency required

For more information consult the data sheet.