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Cream Damp Proof Course

How to fix rising damp with the DPC Cream Damp-Course system

Tech-Dry DPC Cream is an innovative water-based silicone cream, formulated and manufactured in Australia. Its highly concentrated active ingredients contain over 80% active silicone, which forms a permanent damp-course within masonry walls.

How does DPC Cream work?

Once injected into the mortar bed, DPC Cream slowly releases silane/siloxane into the capillaries of the mortar bed until the cream is completely absorbed. The cream also penetrates the bricks or other masonry substrates above and below the mortar bed. The silane/siloxane reacts with the mortar bed and the bricks forming a permanent polysiloxane damp-course within the treated wall to prevent rising damp.

Click to see Tech-Dry DPC test example.

How do I install DPC Cream?

  1. Identify the mortar line to be injected with the DPC Cream. This mortar line will act as the new damp-course.
  2. Mark holes approximately 80mm apart so that 3 holes should be drilled into each length of brick (230mm).
  3. Set drill depth at about 10mm less than wall thickness. Drill 12mm diameter holes into mortar bed.
  4. Remove the dust from the holes using a vacuum cleaner. It is important that NO drill dust is left in holes.
  5. Insert DPC Cream cartridge into a standard caulking gun. Fit plastic nozzle to cartridge. Once attached, fit plastic extension tube to nozzle and cut it to a length that suits wall thickness.
  6. Inject Tech-Dry DPC Cream slowly into each hole. Start with the plastic extension tube to the rear of the hole and slowly withdraw the nozzle as the cream fills the hole.

The mortar bed will become water repellent once the cream is absorbed. It may take up to 7 days or more for maximum water repellency to be reached.

Ensure complete horizontal coverage of DPC Cream. Holes maybe re-injected with DPC Cream if required.

How much Tech-Dry DPC Cream do I need?

  • One Cartridge will treat approximately 1.5 lineal metres of single brick-work (or 750mm of double brick-work)
  • A 5 Litre tub will treat approximately 30 lineal metres of single brick-work (or 15 lineal metres of double brick-work)
  • A 20 Litre tub will treat approximately 120 lineal metres of single brick-work (or 60 lineal metres of double brick-work)

Click to see the installation of 5 Litre and 20 Litre DPC cream.

What are the Advantages?

Thick walls can be treated from one side only

DPC Cream system has a great advantage when treating the party wall or common wall of terrace homes: DPC Cream can be injected from one side only. DPC Cream is suitable for single, double or triple brick walls or any other types of thick masonry walls including brick, block and stone walls which contain mortar beds. DPC Cream can be installed from any one side or both sides of the masonry wall.

No specialised caulking gun required

DPC Cream comes in a standard silicone cartridge which uses a standard caulking gun for application.

Enviromentally friendly

Contains no solvents. DPC Cream is a water-based and non-drip thixotropic silane/siloxane cream.

80% active silicone ingredient

Tech-Dry DPC Cream is a high concentrate damp-proof course material with 80% active silcone concentrate to form a durable siloxane polymer damp-course.

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DPC Cream 20 Litre

DPC Cream 20 Litre

Treat 120m of single brick-work or 60m double brick-work approx.

DPC Cream 5 Litre

DPC Cream 5 Litre

Treat 30m of single brick-work or 15m of double brick-work approx.

DPC Cream Cartridge

DPC Cream Cartridge

Treat 2m single brick-work or 1m of double brick-work (Cartridge, nozzle, extension tube and installation instructions)

 DPC Pressure Pump - Nylex 5L

DPC Pressure Pump - Nylex 5L

DPC Cream pump applicator Nylex 5L

Pro Pump Gloria (German made) Applicator

Pro Pump Gloria (German made) Applicator

DPC Cream pump applicator 'Gloria Pro 5' (German made) for 5 & 20L tubs. 5 litre capacity

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