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DPC Cream System Large Application

DPC Cream Large Installations

When larger installations of the DPC cream damp proof course is required (that is generally more than 14 lineal metres of single brick wall or 7 lineal metres of double brick work is needed to be treated) Tech-Dry provide a bulk application system.

Tech-Dry bulk application system offers either 5 litres or 20 Litres tubs of DPC Cream.

The application of the DPC Cream is achieved by using a manuel hand pressure pump to apply the DPC Cream to the masonry.

Tech-Dry can provide two types of pump systems.

  1. Economy Pump (for small one of type applications)
  2. Pro pump (for large and multiple use applications - German made)

To apply the DPC Cream from either the 5 Litre or 20 Litre tubs you simply pour the cream into the pump, and maually presurise the pump and insert the rod to the rear of the hole and squeeze the trigger. Slowly withdraw the pressure pump rod untill the hole is completly back filled with the DPC Cream.

Pumps can be and should be cleaned and rinsed with clean water after each use.

DPC Cream usage rates for different thickness of walls

                                                DPC 5 L             DPC 20 L

Single brick-work (110mm)             30m                    120m

Double brick-work (220mm)            15m                     60m

Tripple brick-work (330mm)            10m                      40m

Quad brick-work (440mm)              7.5m                     30m


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Buy online:

DPC Cream 20 Litre

DPC Cream 20 Litre

Treat 120m of single brick-work or 60m double brick-work approx.

DPC Cream 5 Litre

DPC Cream 5 Litre

Treat 30m of single brick-work or 15m of double brick-work approx.

 DPC Pressure Pump - Nylex 5L

DPC Pressure Pump - Nylex 5L

DPC Cream pump applicator Nylex 5L

Pro Pump Gloria (German made) Applicator

Pro Pump Gloria (German made) Applicator

DPC Cream pump applicator 'Gloria Pro 5' (German made) for 5 & 20L tubs. 5 litre capacity