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Timber Water Repellent


Is a water-based user-friendly sealer based on silicone for treating outdoor timber. It penetrates into timber grains rendering the timber surface water repellent.

It significantly reduces the absorption of water which is responsible for the bulk deterioration of timber substrates.

May also be used for treating other permeable neutral substrates.


is recommended as a water repellent sealer for outdoor timber. It may also be used to treat other neutral substrates such as fabric/paper, permeable stones, and polymer render.

Some of the important features of TIMBER WATER REPELLENT include: 

  • Fast water beading effect after application 
  • Water-based, non-toxic, and non-caustic formulation. 
  • Bonds to the substrate with no peeling. 
  • UV, alkali stable and durable formulation. 
  • Reduces water absorption and water-borne staining. 
  • Does not significantly change surface appearance and vapour permeability.

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Timber Water Repellent 20L

Timber Water Repellent 20L

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